21 Questions for 2020
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What are YOUR questions for 2020?

Greetings Now What?! folks!

I have compiled the first 14 questions of my "21 Questions for 2020" Engagement Stream below. As I am planning to host an open call next Monday, I am wondering what questions you have for the series? What questions would you like to see me address in future posts on Transition Times?

Here's what we have so far:

1. What do we do with our negative emotions, which can so often be either paralyzing or panic-inducing as we live through such turbulent, upsetting times?

2. How can we draw on the positive aspects of the human propensity to tribalism?

3. What can we learn from the past about how political systems can change for the better?

4. Is there any silver lining to the dismal political and planetary events of our time? 

5. Can sacred plant medicine help us overcome our alienation from the wisdom of Mother Nature, which we so need in this troubled time? 

6. How can we live in better relationship with all the living beings with whom we share this planet, and learn from them about how to live in harmony with Gaia?

7. How can we best help Mother Nature to heal herself from the desecrations of the Industrial Revolution? 

8. From pandemics to politics to melting poles and wildfires—how are we to understand the rapid-fire changes sweeping over our planet? How should we respond? 

9. Do we still need “women” or “feminine qualities” in this brave new post-gender world? 

10. COVID-19 is trying to tell us something. What is the message in that virus-shaped, ever-replicating bottle?

11. How can we practice the art of being more fully human in this time of crisis?

12. What guidance is being offered to us by the Coronavirus about how to live as Gaians?

13. How can we strengthen our individual and collective immune system in the face of radical destabilization, uncertainty and fear? 

14. How will World War III, the Coronavirus edition, play out?


 I welcome your responses to these questions, and your addition of more questions and responses. Let's keep this conversation going!

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Hi Charles, the content is on Transition Times for now...there are some replies to my posts there. I hope we can gather some more steam, going forward! Check it out at: and join the conversation!